Digital Marketing

Build plan to target customer segmentation.

Digital Marketing

DivyaCloud enterprise application enables complete sales cycle management features by integrating inventory management to it. The features are product management, vendor management, quotation and invoice management, purchase order management and invoices generation with your leads and contacts.


There are different campaigns for different purposes such as to attract new customers, campaigns to nurture leads until they become sales ready, campaigns to nurture qualified prospects through the buying cycle, campaigns aimed at special target audiences, campaigns to up-sell and cross-sell existing customers. Having a unique objective for each campaign allows you to pick a specific campaign out and makes it easier for you to compare the effectiveness of different campaigns.

E-mail Marketing

With CRM marketing automation, E-mail marketing program is fully integrated with your contacts database, so it’s easy to send targeted emails to the customers whom you are already speaking with and others too. Once you’ve created your campaign, you can send them E-mail in one go. Create custom email profiles and use custom short-codes to personalize all your communications with contacts.


Customer segmentation is one of the core functions of customer relationship management (CRM). Marketers collect and store information on customers into a centralized database so that they can personalize promotions and advertisements. A market segment is a set of consumers grouped together by marketers. Markets may be segmented according to a number of criteria, including purchasing habits, needs, lifestyle, age and interests. Segmentation is simply a way of arranging your customers into smaller groups according to type. These distinct sub-groups or segments should be characterized by particular attributes. Now you can target specific, relevant marketing messages at each group. Identifying the customer segments is like winning half the battle, the other half is implementing the segmentation model within the organization and articulating the strategy to pursue new markets.

  • Market segmentation (group) based on your selection for direct marketing
  • Select client from advance search and migrate them to a specific segment for later use
  • Collaborate with other team members by sharing or transferring information of targeted segment
  • Easily build your subscription or mailing list to targeted segment from your existing crm lead or contact database in minutes with a single button click.
  • Transfer between groups with ease

Target Marketing

Target marketing is about attracting potential customers and in order to implement target market effectively, you’ll need to know accurately inquiry and purchases history of products and exactly how to reach them and acquiring that kind of knowledge requires some research and planning on your end but with our cloud based customer relationship management you can get your customer insights so you can segment customers and prospects, and provide the right message, to the right people, at the right time by target marketing. Targeted marketing helps achieving higher sales by grouping customers request for specific product or service and doing communication and sales activities.